The Louxicon

For those interested in the growing list of inside jokes and celebrity listeners, please enjoy the lexicon, a.k.a. the “Lou-xicon” below:

Celebrity Listeners:

Inside Jokes (not a ton):

  • Lou and Mike graduated together in 1997 from Cloquet High School in Cloquet, MN, so there are many references to their hometown, school, and classmates.  They also grew up in the same neighborhood.  So many references are to riding the bus and neighborhood hijinks.
  • The difference between Proof and Evidence.
  • Mike is particularly fond of the temporal nature of podcasts.  Indeed, we exists simultaneously in the past, present, and future.
  • Lou and Mike often reference that we are living in a simulation: Is Reality Real? 
  • Get yourself a Lou-beral Arts degree from Evergreen