Episode 8: Dad Jokes Save the Internet

Exciting news for the hotlou show!  We’ve been acquired!  Well, more like a hostile takeover.  And by hostile, we mean mutually-agreed-upon.  In an unprecedented and unforeseeable move, it is none other than Mike Franklin who hosts the show this week.  Because, as it turns out, he has been unwittingly conducting an experiment of his own.  So let’s just say that if you love or loath dad jokes, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for.

Mike works in politics.  So all of 2016 was a challenge.  With the political fallout from the election and the subsequent tidal changes in how people interacted online, internet conversations could turn toxic quickly.  As fate would have it, a bizarre internet meme and a concert at Mystic Lake Casino would forever change Mike’s relationship with Facebook.   All it took was a few dad jokes to see how Mike could save the internet and maybe even find out a few ways it would benefit him in real life.

Special thanks again go out to Shayla Christine of Living on a One Way for again joining us in studio.  Remember that Shayla has pledged to give away her YouTube course for free to one lucky reviewer.  But only when we’ve hit 100 5 star reviews.  And since Mike has pledged to stop procreating at 4 children, that means we can only count on you — the listener — to submit the remaining 96 reviews.  So go for it!  Give the hotlou show 5 stars!

Dad Jokes about Laurel or Yanni

Dad Jokes about Laurel or Yanni

Dad Jokes Daily

And we are excited to announce the launch of Dad Jokes Daily on Facebook!

We hope you like it!  And if it’s not quite right for you, tell a dad!

And, this may come as a surprise to you, but the page is powered by the sponsor of our show: Evergreen.  Mike spent a few minutes gathering his favorite dad jokes.  Then he put them in a library.  Evergreen does the rest!

If you want to try Evergreen for just $1, use code ‘HOTLOUSHOW’ at Evergreen.app.

2 Comments on “Episode 8: Dad Jokes Save the Internet”

  1. Hot Lou passively disses LOTR in this episode & as a disgruntled fan I protest by not giving 5 stars to every episode until Lou or Mike acknowledge it’s the best series ever created…♥️

    • To be fair, it was more of a self-diss about how I have trouble understanding the appeal of something wildly and widely popular 🙂

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