Episode 7: Shayla Christine, creator of Living on a One Way

This week, creator and host of Living on a One Way, Shayla Christine, joins hotlou and Mike to discuss how she built her community of 50k YouTube subscribers and 10k Instagram followers. Plus, she reveals her newest endeavor and even offers up a prize to one special listener (apologies to Mark Zuckerberg, et al, celebrity listeners are not eligible for said prize).

Thanks so much to Shayla for joining us and sharing some of her story.  As mentioned on the show, she began as a full-time travel blogger.  And now she’s begun teaching people how she built her audience to close to 100k followers across all platforms.

Here’s a few links to Shayla and Living on a One Way:

Shayla Christine from Living on a One Way

Shayla Christine from Living on a One Way

Shayla’s Burning Man video approaching 1M views:

Remember, what’s amazing about this is that it took months and months of effort.  Then, this video finally had the success it did for her channel.  And it wasn’t an accident.  What Shayla did was look at all of her analytics every week and make choices about her title, description, and thumbnails.  Plus, she consistently published every single week.

And we’d be remiss not to mention that she has explored many options for monetizing.  To start, she hoped YouTube ads would fill the gap. Turns out, you need A LOT of views to make that work.  But have a listen to hear about how she built a course to teach others to build their channel and is now selling it on her website.

And the hotlou show hits 100 reviews on iTunes the hotlou show, Shayla will be giving away her course for free to one of the reviewers.  So get out there and give us at least 5 stars.

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