Surprising Ways to Get Email Replies

You’ve probably noticed it’s become socially acceptable for people to simply ignore your emails. It’s always happened to some degree.  But in the last 2 years, it’s become a bit of an epidemic.  This episode, hotlou shares some surprising ways he’s using to get email replies that he has field tested with great success after a ton of experimentation.

Get Email Replies

Tired of getting ghosted? Learn how hotlou is using this sequence to get email replies

Tired of getting ghosted? Learn how hotlou is using this sequence to get email replies

Briefly, here’s the email sequence that hotlou is using after sending a message that doesn’t get a reply. Go down the list if you keep getting ghosted.

  1. A few days later: “Bump :)”. This used to work about 99% of the time, but in the past couple years, even this one doesn’t seem to get email replies any more and seems to have dropped to less than 10% of a response rate.
  2. Still nothing?  Then it’s time for a bit of a friendly version of the “breakup” letter that includes brief, but friendly language and a time constraint associated with it.  It might read something like: “Friendly check-in, I’m planning out resources for the 60 days.  Let me know if this works or if we should break up.”  It’s worth noting that the “break up” language at the end should be calibrated based on your relationship with the recipient.
  3. And STILL nothing?  Then, getting even more hyperbolic and playful has been yielding great results.  A simple “Sending out a search party …” message has been getting responses near the rates that the “bump” email was getting a few years ago.

That’s it for the show notes this episode.  Leave a comment if you have a technique that’s working well!

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