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Explosion in Beirut

Today’s show takes a turn for the more serious as hotlou covers the tragic explosion in Beirut. We look at live video from the explosion, breaking down in slow motion the chain of events from the crippling blast. hotlou also connects the incident to accidents happening all over the world right now due to COVID. …

Where’s Obama?

The question we’re all asking: where’s Obama? hot Mike #3 and I discuss the current state of our presidency and why we haven’t heard from Obama during this crisis. We debate where you should get your news along with Russian conspiracies, impeachment and reopenings. So help us search for Obama on this episode of hotlou …

Kate Johansen from Mayo Clinic

Kate Johansen from Mayo Clinic fills us in on the latest COVID-19 news, offering her perspective on the medical and political-related issues. You can also watch this hotlou happy hour on the hotlou.com Facebook page. And tune in every weekday at 5pm EDT/4pm CDT. In addition, check out the previous episode of hotlou happy hour.