Episode 1: Planting the seed for Evergreen

In their inaugural episode, hosts hotlou (a.k.a. Lou Abramowski, a.k.a. hotlou.com) and co-host Mike Franklin share a bit about themselves, discuss why they’re starting a podcast, and share how changing his birthday on Facebook led hotlou to executing the craziest social experiment you’ve ever heard of and how the lessons from it accidentally gave rise to the creation of a software company called Evergreen (www.evergreen.app).  

birthday doubters

Friends who weren’t sure if it was actually my birthday in 2014

As mentioned, I tried tracking down a few of the threats, but Facebook sure does make it difficult to find others’ posts on your own Timeline from about a decade ago.  But here’s a screenshot of the persistent doubtfulness in my friends’ kind birthday wishes a few years after the experiment.

If anyone has some advice on using search to find other people’s posts on your own timeline in a specific month for a specific year, Mike and I welcome your suggestions! 

Still a bunch of activity on the Jake from State Farm Twitter account.

And for anyone who didn’t pay attention in physics, here’s more about Schrödinger’s cat.

Evergreen is a social media automation tool for any business without the time, resources, or expertise to run their own social media marketing.   And if not for this birthday experiment in 2010, Evergreen may never have existed.  So wish Lou happy birthday when you see him!  Or don’t.  it’ll be his birthday again soon. 

Evergreen logo cropped tight

Evergreen logo cropped tight

Here’s a link to try Evergreen for 2 weeks for $1.  Just use code ‘HOTLOUSHOW’ during registration. 

Lastly, here are instructions on how to change your birthday on Facebook.  Do you have any reasons why you’d want to change your birthday more than twice on Facebook? Help answer Mike’s question and let us know in the comments.  


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