Episode 5: The Social Media Marketing Tactic Using One Kitten, 24 Toes, and 1 Million Views

This week, hotlou shares with Mike (and the growing list of celebrity listeners) the story of one post that reached over 1 million people on Facebook — all organically — on a page with only a few thousand followers.  Plus, learn how you might use a similar social media marketing tactic to get similarly surprising results.  Even it’s not a million, it will help you reach way more people than you are today.  If nothing else, you may want to listen just to find out how you, too, can start getting super cute baby animal photos in your Facebook News Feed every day.

By the way, check out the growing Lexicon of the show: the Lou-xicon.  That way, you too can be familiar on the inside jokes and growing list of celebrity listeners.  Or maybe you can even find out how to attend Evergreen University and get a Lou-beral arts degree.

Screenshot of the Social Media Marketing Tactic of publishing a Kitten Born with 24 Toes

Screenshot of the Social Media Marketing Tactic of publishing a Kitten Born with 24 Toes

And here of course is the post of the truly adorable kitten born with 24 toes. (seen right)

Also, if you want to join the journey of daily super cute baby animal photos, here’s your chance:

Assorted topics from the hotlou show

Because some of our listeners may have forgotten or just want to be reminded, here’s the Laurel / Yanny debate.

As a result of our growing popularity, we have to thank celebrity listener Mark Hamill with a few references to some of his less popular talents:

And let’s not overlook the fact that the show has arguably become merely a way for Mike and hotlou to plan happy hour.  That revelation on its own should be worth a 5 star review from you for the hotlou show.  That’s just in case the social media marketing tactic shared in the show wasn’t enough for you.

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