Episode 4: A Lou Hope (or how Lisa Loeb is a Twitter automation savior)

Listen as hotlou (aka Lou Abramowski) and co-host Mike Franklin discuss the perils of Twitter marketing.  And later, how one obscure competition along long time ago in a galaxy very very close (the Milky Way, you may have heard of it) helped hotlou understand how to approach Twitter marketing by working smarter, not harder by employing Twitter automation.

Plus, see if you can tell which parts of the podcast are a simulation versus real-life Lou and Mike.

The Loebner Prize is the annual prize for, effectively, fooling real humans that a computer is human.

Twig on Twitter Automation

Twig on Twitter Automation

Our crack team of researchers did track down the article that first introduced me to the competition.  Although, some of the details may have been slightly off.  Still, here you can read a more in-depth article about the history of the Loebner Prize from The Atlantic: Mind vs. Machine. Presumably, you can see how some Twitter automation would apply here.

At press time of this post, you can see that no Twig the Fairy tweets have gone out since 2014.  That said, you can see the repeating pattern of the approximately 125 tweets I had: Twig the Fairy Twitter automation.

If you haven’t already listened to Episode 2: Bunny with a Backpack, you might want to jump over and take a listen quick.

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