Episode 3: The Paul Walker Accident (not that one)

Many lessons can be drawn from Paul Walker’s life and untimely passing. This episode of their social media marketing podcast covers almost none of them, but hotlou (aka Lou Abramowski) and co-host Mike Franklin discuss another lesson of an entirely different variety from a social media marketing accident made while testing Evergreen years ago.

The social media marketing accident that lead to Paul Walker Photos in hotlou's photo album

Paul Walker Photos in hotlou’s photo album from the social media marketing accident

In case you’re not familiar with Paul Walker’s filmography, here’s a brief hit list:

Rest in Peace Paul Walker:

The RIP Paul Walker Tribute Page has 10,000 followers and counting (as of June 2019).  You could be among those paying tribute!  Or just enjoying photos of a very handsome man.


We’d like to thank our sponsors who make the hotlou show possible:


Evergreen is a social media automation tool for small businesses — such as dental offices, real estate agent offices, non-profits, etc.  Users set it up once and it will publish for you any time you stop publishing.  As a result, businesses love using Evergreen to make sure their social media is “always on.”

Weber Johnson, Public Affairs:

Weber Johnson is best known for engaging and mobilizing stakeholder audiences on behalf of clients. In fact, fieldwork is our specialty and our passion. Unsurprisingly, other Public Relations and Public Affairs firms hire us to ensure that person-to-person, Grassroots motivation, and execution is handled with unparalleled efficiency.

Our connection with individual constituents in their communities is thorough and extensive. Indeed, it’s what keeps us current, connected and capable of delivering for our clients. Additionally, Public Affairs firms who need great execution of Grassroots and Grasstops programs in our region count on Weber Johnson.

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