How to Get More Likes on Facebook

This Lousday, hotlou discusses a rarely used, but incredibly effective strategy that answers one of the most common questions: how to get more likes on Facebook.  It works for brands, for public personalities, B2B companies, and everything in between.  Mike even hints that he may already be employing this strategy elsewhere (stay tuned for a future episode).

Why Do I Need a Facebook Page?

How to Get More Likes on Facebook

How to Get More Likes on Facebook

This question is still a popular one.  And it’s completely analogous to the very popular question in 2002: why does my company need a website?

There’s a ton of reasons, but let’s start with 3 reasons that cover the basics.  The first 2 are soft reasons, the 3rd is far more compelling.

1. Legitimacy

Ask yourself what it might mean to a future potential customer to visit Facebook, only to have no presence whatsoever on Facebook.  Some may not care, others might find your business or organization behind the times and move on to a competitor.

2. Vanity

This reason is very uncompelling.  Still, it can be very encouraging to see your followers list grow for anyone running any type of organization.  And for current employees (including yourself), it can be a source of pride.  And similarly, recruiting can be easier if a job prospect visits your page to see that you do have a formidable following.

3. Growing Your List

Growing your list is by far the most compelling reason.  Because, as we’ll discuss in a moment, Facebook Pages are free.  As is publishing on them.  So by having a large list, you get to promote your product(s) to them for free.  Use your page to grow your list of followers so those future announcements are reaching a larger audience without incurring the unnecessarily exorbitant additional costs.

Getting More Likes on a Company Facebook Page

As you may already know, sometimes it can be hard to get more Likes on your corporate Facebook Page.  And the more corporate your brand, the harder it becomes.

For some brands — like, say, food, fashion, retail — it can be easy to attract followers.  When you’ve got a great product, it often speak volumes for your fans to associate themselves with your brand. Or they desperately want to hear about the new products you are launching.

For others — say, information security or software — it can be a challenge to get followers.  Maybe your brand is new, hard to relate to, or (let’s face it) a bit stuffy.  For those, you may want to try a very novel and under-utilized strategy.

Facebook Pages are Free

Considering Facebook Pages are 100% free, why not start a second page?  And then what you can do is brand it or leave it unbranded.

The Facebook Page at launch was not an immediate viral sensation.  Growing that audience takes time.  But loyal listeners of the hotlou show know that a sponsor of the show, Dad Jokes Daily, got to nearly 1000 followers in only a matter of days.

How might you see this applied to your business or organization? Try taking a tangential topic and creating the second FREE Facebook Page that is related to your business.  So, if your information security company, try creating a “Daily Security Tips” page and focus on growing the followers to that page.  And once it hits a large enough audience, start sharing the posts from your corporate page on the Security Tips page.

Give it a shot, rate the hotlou show 5 stars, and let us know in the comments if this strategy on how to get more Likes on Facebook is working for your organization.

Especially if you are new celebrity listener, Reed Hastings.

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