Episode 12: 100000 Users in 30 days

Minnesotans are notoriously provincial.  In episode 12, hotlou discusses how he leveraged their provincialism to grow a Facebook App and Page to 100000 users and/or followers in 30 days.

the march to 100000 users begins again

the march to 100000 users begins again

We’d like to again thank our sponsor Dad Jokes Daily — a page powered by Evergreen.

March to 100000 users on the new Minnesota Page

If you happen to be one of these provincial Minnesotans, like a Minnesotan Facebook page to prove it to yourself and all your friends: Minnesota on Facebook.

We may re-launch the Minnesotan Name generator again at a future date, but it will not contain the “like-gating” described in the episode, since like-gating has now been disabled in the graph API.

We did find this Minnesota name generator, but it appears to be used for nefarious purposes instead of fun.  Maybe someone can comment if they’ve found another one out there.

March to 100 Ratings

Closed circuit to newest celebrity listener Steve Martin, would it kill you to fill our iTunes reviews with a few shills?  And if it did kill you, King Tut will help you get mummified. We promise.

And lastly, thank you to our sponsor: Dad Jokes Daily!

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