Episode X: the best hotlou show yet

After a brief aside where hotlou and Mike realize the opportunity to ride Apple’s coattails in marketing episode 10 as episode X, they discuss a marketing productivity hack for any group or organization that’s struggling with creating ideas for social media or capturing the stories that happen to them.  Whether you’re a dromedary camel, a non-profit, or a CEO of a small fruit company like Apple, Inc., this is truly the best hotlou show yet.

It only makes sense to begin with the very important issue of types of camels:

  • Dromedary Camel is a one-humped, even-toed ungulate (a.k.a. hoofed animal, a.k.a. camel).  So, for those in the back, that’s odd humps, even toes.
  • Bactrian Camel is a two-humped, even-toed camel. We at the hotlou show speculate that having an even number of humps and toes must be quite the relief.
  • And the real star of the show: Introducing, Every Day is Hump Day

We also owe a debt of gratitude out there to our newly labeled group of loyal listeners now known as “The Lou-natics.”  Join the official Facebook Group of Lounatics. We’re not sure yet where it’s headed, but we’ll certainly have an opportunity to share some ideas for social media marketing and beyond.

Ideas for Social Media Marketing

Now, to the actual content of the show.  We shared a few anecdotes of stories from Evergreen customers who were struggling with putting together a library of content.  Specifically, while consulting with a zoo, they had a full-time social media manager who insisted they didn’t have enough social media marketing ideas to publish every day.

Facebook Group Types

Facebook Group Types

After some discussion, we led the zoo to create their own secret group (known as “closed-private” once upon a time). To the right and below, you can see what the prompt looks like when you create a new Facebook group and the Facebook group privacy options.

  • Public: Anyone can find the group, see who’s in it and what they post
  • Closed: Anyone can find the group and see who runs it.  Only members can see who’s in it and what they post. This is the group we chose for the Lounatics.
  • Secret: Only members can find the group, see who’s in it and what they post.
Social Media Ideas for Zoo

Social Media Ideas for Zoo. The staff put these together after creating a secret Facebook group. In the group, everyone posted images and stories.

The zoo created a Secret group so only employees could access it.  From there, the members of the group were able to publish photos, write captions, and share stories every day.

Not only did it offload a ton of work in coming up with social media ideas for the zoo’s full-time employee, it also created an super fun environment for everyone to participate that became competitive.

After that, images and stories started flowing in.  And the full-time social media manager breathed a sigh of relief.  Because she even got to see ahead of time which posts everyone liked the most.

Throwback Thursday

Our apologies to the creator of #fbf, as it does in fact refer to Flashback Friday and not Froback Friday.

March to 100 Ratings

Closed circuit to newest celebrity listener Tim Cook, would it kill you to fill our iTunes reviews with a few shills?

And lastly, thank you to our sponsor: Dad Jokes Daily!

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