Episode 9: Photo Tag Marketing Hack

Amidst Mike’s coining of the term “Resting Lou Face”, host hotlou tells us how Facebook’s failed AI-powered facial recognition technology led to an incredibly valuable Photo Tag Marketing Hack anyone can use.  It might even allow you to get what amounts to an ad showing up in your followers’ photo albums on Facebook.

If you’ve ever wished people would just put a photo of your product in their Facebook photo albums, wish no more! Here’s one tactic that some might call an exploit or a hack, but we found that pretty much everyone had fun doing it.

Fairy Friday Photo Tag Marketing Hack

Fairy Friday Photo Tag Marketing Hack

Here are the steps you can take to do it yourself.

Photo Tag Marketing Hack

Step 1: Turn on photo tagging

Visit the settings for your Facebook Page and ensure photo tagging is turned on.  It’s worth noting that these show notes were nearly published with the feature disabled on Facebook.com/hotlou.com. So the show notes were a terrific exercise for one host who shall remain unnamed.

turn on photo tagging on your facebook page

turn on photo tagging on your facebook page

Step 2: Put together a photo grid

Use Canva or your favorite photo editing software to put together a grid.  Canva has a “grid” element built right into it.  Appropriately enough, it’s in the “elements” section.  It’s especially helpful because if you take a screenshot and paste the photo into Canva, you can drag the image into the grid section and it auto-crops it.  Yeah.  Seriously.  Super cool.

Step 3: Overlay some text

Next, put some text in the image encouraging people to tag themselves.  Plus, add a logo, a website URL, or some other promotional copy.

Step 4: Publish!

That’s it!  I’d add some text to the caption about tagging as well.  Otherwise, publish and your’e set!

A few loose ends

The hosts are quite relieved to find that hotmike.com was not something offensive or otherwise.

We’d be remiss not to mention that Evergreen makes this marketing hack effortless.  Let us know if you want to try Evergreen for $1.

Lastly, rate us 5 stars on iTunes.  We love stars.


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